Open For Commissions

While my website is being updated, I have both regular and wing-it commissions open!

Email me for pricing if you are interested in a regular commission! 

Current Wing-it Calendar is below!




  • For JULY ONLY, you get to pick the specific video game character you want your character to wear a costume of. For example, for Legend of Zelda, you can choose to have your character dress up as Link, Midna, Ganon, Tingle, etc. “Feral” bodied characters will be “gijinka-fied,” meaning that your cosplay will be inspired by the character. Think of how you could wear a Charizard cosplay in real life (that’s not a fursuit lol)
  • Each day will have ONE slot only
  • Each commission will be completed the day shown on the calendar.- I will mark off purchased days on the calendar.
  • These are wing-it/artistic liberty style commissions! This means that you will NOT get to see the finished piece before it is completed and you do not get any input other than what is on your reference sheet. These commissions are discounted for that reason! My goal is to fit your character into the theme, so choose wisely. (Ex: A character will be drawn as a bloody mess if you choose Slasher Flicks, even if your reference sheet says “pacifist”, or a male character will be genderbent if you choose Spring Goddess)
  • Single character only. Full body illustrations.
  • No Backgrounds at this time, but you may add one after the month for the regular background price.
  • DIGITAL ONLY. Printing and shipping may be added later for the regular price.
  • IF YOU COMMISSION ME THE DAY OF YOUR DESIRED SLOT- you may not be able to get certain commission types depending on the time of day. Inks and sketches will always be available at least!

Payment and getting a slot

  • The first person to contact me will have a limited “hold” for payment. Then there will be a queue if anyone else contacts me for the same slot. If Person 1 does not pay in a timely manner, I will cancel their slot and go to the next in line. Please make sure you are ready to pay when you contact me otherwise you will forfeit your slot!
  • Please have a reference sheet, good reference images (flat color preferred), or a good description of your character (bulleted lists preferred)
  • Complex Character fees may apply

Content Warning

  • None of these commissions will be pornographic in nature unless explicitly stated on the date (ie “NSFW”). Otherwise, the only nudity that may be possible is “Disney” nude. However, flirty “pin-up” poses and dark themes including blood and gore are possible. Pin-ups are VERY likely.

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