“The entire process was pretty smooth. Way easy to monitor the status via Trello so there was no doubt on the professionalism. The correcting I needed during the sketching was taken care of without a problem. Really enjoyed working with Melde.”

Yuri 1/29/2022

If you are a former commissioner or have purchased merchandise from me, I’d love to hear about your experience. I strive to bring an easy and transparent experience in all I do. If you do not feel like you have received the best experience in any way, please email me and I will right it immediately!

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Recent Customer Reviews

“I came across Melde at ACFI 2023 as a fellow vendor. They were perusing the dens on Sunday before we opened for the final and I tagged along with her. When we came to her table I saw she was offering Draw-tober commissions and I had to snag the Halloween one. My girl came out amazing in her style! The sketch was super clean and detailed, something you don’t see quite often when purchasing a ‘sketch’. Melde was also very informative on when the work would be done, which to be honest I completely forgot about until I got the e-mail. She’s a great artist, wonderful customer service, and an amazing person. I hope to vend with her again in the future and commission more work! “

Lunar Lapine 11/1/2023

“I’ve commissioned Melde for a handful of artworks so far and they’ve all been fantastic beyond belief. I’m usually very nervous regarding pregnancy artwork, but that hits a soft spot! When the artist lights up about a commission, it makes me giddy. I inquired about vore as well and that was met just the same. She really does exceptional work, and the pricing is completely worth it. Any edits needed are easily discussed. Turnaround varies based on many things, but the end product is stellar, as aforementioned. Highly recommend. “

Shady Inktail 9/22/2023

“I’ve commissioned two badges from Melde, and both times I have been completely floored by the quality of her work and her commitment to delivering an outstanding service! You rock, Melde!”

Leon Grue 4/17/2023

“Amazing! Probably the most professional artist I’ve worked with yet. Finished piece easily exceeded expectations. You rock Melde!”

Slackpaw 4/14/2023

“Melde did great and captured the playful girly charm of my girl quite nicely and is super easy to work with!”

Zoran 2/3/2023

“Melde’s artwork is very awesome! I love this artwork featuring my fursona that I commissioned from her, it is soooo special to me! Melde is awesome! I would recommend that others commission from her too!”

Cassie Bear 1/25/2023

“Amazing and gorgeous work! I love the retro designs, absolutely nailed it!”

The Woodland Tailor 1/19/2023

“Great experience. First class communication throughout and excellent quality work. Definitely one of the best artists I have ever had the pleasure to work with.”

Archibald 11/8/2022

“Great professionalism, love the piece that I got from the October wing-it. Found melde at furry takeover and got something from her every year, love her art.”

Fiction 10/30/2022

“Everything went smooth and the badge looks great.”

C Anonymous 10/17/2022

“Happy about the commission Loved it ^^ And glad to have as my first one”

oop1oop2 10/9/2022

“Very friendly and professional and the final piece…I mean wow. I was just blown away by it!”

Swerve 10/9/2022

“I had such a great experience talking to Melde at FurryTakeover 2022 and ordering from them! I sent them my reference sheet one day, and she had my badge finished and ready to pick up the next. I look forward to showing off my badge at the next conventions I go to, as well as commissioning her again! “

N30NPUM4 9/20/2022

“Always a joy to work with. She’s very well priced, very professional, and has gone above and beyond for me. Will always reccomend[sic]

Larkir Dragontrove 8/24/2022

“Dragonmelde is always a pleasure to work with! From the easy to use queue and status updates to superb communication, I cannot say enough positives. Worth every second of the wait! One thing is for sure, I will definitely commission more.”

Some Dumb Bird 8/22/2022

“I met you in the artist’s alley at GFM 2022 and you were a delight to speak with! Your work was absolutely worth the wait; I am thrilled with the finished product! Super professional and transparent every step of the way!”

Roake 8/16/2022

“Absolutely brilliant energy. I’m glad I found your booth at AC, loved your outfit and the “introduction” of what your outfit was, and holy crap the turn around time on something you were saying may have to be taken home because you felt like you were swamped.. You’re amazing, Melde, and I hope to work with you again!”

Kilana Tatterwing 4/7/2022

“Melde was quite polite and attentive during the sketching process. They made sure to get every detail nailed down and up to my mental description, or at least as close as possible. The result was a beautiful piece. The only complaint I have was that I wasn’t aware of my commission application missing something and as such, took some months for this to complete. However, this is softened a bit as they were honest about the wait. It’s partly on me, but I wish I was informed earlier. Even with this misunderstanding, I enjoyed the process overall, and will consider commissioning Melde again, once my finances allow me to do.”

Ray 6/9/2022

“The speed and quality of the badge is great! I got it done within a day [at Anthrocon] and it’s of exceptionally high quality. Communication was great and they were definitely one of the best vendors at Anthrocon!”

Wacky Hijinks 4/7/2022

“Met Melde at Anthro Northwest 2021 in the dealer’s den and bought a commissioned sketch after my friend Wildmark recommended them! The finished product came out great and made for a nice gift to another friend of mine!”

Hidden_man 4/13/2022

“I first found out about Melde at a local furry convention, while checking out their booth one of their badge examples caught my eye. I went for it, and was really happy with the results! Super pleasant to work with, and I had my badge in no time. I’d definitely recommend them, and I’d definitely commission them again”

Sprocket 3/20/2022

“Getting an at con badge from them was a blast. Not only was the art itself amazing, but I felt the whole process was smooth and friendly, and I w a really glad to have commissioned them.”

J Anonymous 3/19/2022

“Found Melde’s both [sic] at FurTheMore ‘22 and she was able to knock out an awesome badge for a D&D pickup game in the game room in no time!”

Warren 3/19/2022

“Ive only been in the fandom for 2 years and only had my character for a year i am supper pleased with how everything turned out i absolutely Loved the fast turn around and couldn’t be happier with the work you don’t always see this style which makes it a definitely unique piece especially for being my first piece”

Fern 3/19/2022

“The communed badge was a solid 12/10! Quickly made, high quality, and overall customer service through the roof!!.”

Rabid 3/19/2022

“The entire process was pretty smooth. Way easy to monitor the status via Trello so there was no doubt on the professionalism. The correcting I needed during the sketching was taken care of without a problem. Really enjoyed working with Melde.”

Yuri 1/29/2022

“Having gotten multiple pieces of art from her since FWA 2018, Melde has been someone that I have recommended friends to for exceptional quality badges and commissions. Plus, she’s just cool in general c:”

Burlington 1/20/2022


“Having now worked with Melde in a wing it and regular commission, I can say for sure that this has been one of the most professional and open processes I have been through for artwork. My absolute endorsement to this artist if you’re thinking of getting a piece done!

Sparky 1/26/2021

2021 Reviews

“I’ve commissioned a badge, wing-its, and a full group piece from Melde. She always does a great job, is easy to communicate with, and updates her commission tickets consistently. Also has two adorable cats.”

Kaspar Stonenature 11/1/2021

“I met Melde at Megaplex in 2021. I had a vague idea of what I wanted in a take-home badge. The communication was great as I would get updates every week but also could email if I had any pressing questions. Would recommend working with this artist especially if you enjoy collaborating ideas with an artist.”

Jet 11/3/2021

“Melde is an amazing artist to commission from! Always giving updates to your artwork and producing some amazing pieces! This is my third piece from Melde and will continue to commission her for future ideas!”

Anpu the Jackal 11/3/2021

“The style is what really caught my eye at Denfur 2021, but the idea of a beer label badge was too good to pass up (I’m a beer snob). Our interactions weren’t extensive, but the organization and streamlined process was very professional and puts customers up front to see how things are progressing. I love the badge I got and it will be part of my collection for future conventions. I will definitely reach out for more commissions! O_o”

Squeezy the Red Fox 10/14/2021

“Artist did great work. She answered emails within a day which is good. She also did good by keeping up with her Trello queue and weekly email updates.”

A Anonymous 10/20/2021

“I’ve been in the fandom for 5 years now and have never had any art before. I had seen Melede’s [sic] work in some of my local telegram chats so I figured I’d try my luck. My badge turned out way better than I could have ever hoped, especially given that I had never commissioned anyone before and wasn’t 100% sure on what I wanted! Melede [sic] was very responsive to my emails and the turnaround time for this commission was very quick. A great experience and would highly recommend!”

Stripey 5/25/2021

“Was an easy and great experience working with them. Will definitely think about future commissions with them soon!”

Reese 5/25/2021

“I’ve received several pieces from Melde and each one is expertly done and well made. She’s kept me well informed on the progress of each piece and posts regularly on her Trello to show how things are moving. The professionalism she shows with her work is exemplary. I’ve subscribed to her Patreon as a result and will definitely continue to support her and her work.”

VogelDeSoto 3/14/2021

Just got an awesome new badge done by

 @DragonMelde! 10/10 would recommend!

@TheCoffeeDragon on Twitter 2/16/2021

“Having now worked with Melde in a wing it and regular commission, I can say for sure that this has been one of the most professional and open processes I have been through for artwork. My absolute endorsement to this artist if you’re thinking of getting a piece done!”

Sparky 1/26/2021

“Melde is easy to work with, polite, and knowledgeable! She(or they, I do not know) makes both the commissioning and the process of the work easy to follow and very transparent, and does excellent work!”

Exh 5/7/2020

2020 Reviews

“Amazing art always does her best to update clients super friendly and considerate, just an overall great artist to commission”

Gryph 11/6/2020

Couldn’t be happier with my commission from

 @DragonMelde 💜   Awesome Artist, person, and friend. I seriously commission her at least once a year.”

Venikins on Twitter 10/26/2020

“Melde was both friendly and professional, and delivered phenomenal work. The artistic liberty wing-it I picked out from her limited-time selection was a fun and easy way to develop my fictional character. I am already hoping to commission her again!”

Leonhard 9/29/2020

“Very easy to work with and open minded and very nice. The perfect artist and got the looks down supurb! [sic]

Zoran 8/26/2020

“10/10 would recommend getting art from Melde. Great person always keeps you update and is always worth the wait. <3”

Anonymous 7/22/2020

“The process was very organized and streamlined. The final product was absolutely amazing!”

Vex 5/22/2020

Loved the whole process, I am very happy with the results! Will definitely contact again for more pieces.”

Slade 3/25/2020

Amazing art and prompt responses. I’ve purchased a coosie [sic]  and the BEERded Dragon Pins and everything has been perfect!”

Laura W. 3/21/2020

I personally found everything about the artist to the work to be completely outstanding and I’d highly consider commissioning work from her again”

T Anonymous 3/20/2020

It was a very pleasant experience all in all and I loved the final design of my character. Great quality too!”

Bullseye 3/19/2020

“Melde is easy to work with, polite, and knowledgeable! She(or they, I do not know) makes both the commissioning and the process of the work easy to follow and very transparent, and does excellent work!”

Exh 5/7/2020

“Securing the commission slot was quick and efficient, easy and friendly to work with. Final piece was awesome, and well worth the price.”

Sparky 5/16/2020

“Absolutely phenomenal to work with, Melde has been a true pleasure to commission and correspond with throughout the process. Changes/Alterations were a snap, communication was clear and regularly scheduled, the process and terms were explicitly and professionally indicated at the outset. I would STRONGLY recommend Melde to anyone looking for a smooth process and a high quality piece of artwork!”

A Anonymous 4/20/2020

“I absolutely adore the piece you did for me! You were easy to work with for the entire process, and the finished work was cute as a button! I will look forward to commissioning you again sometime in the future.”

Tasonosenshi 4/10/2020

“Excellent work at a reasonable price. 10/10!”

Walt46 4/8/2020

“100/10 would highly recommend your work to other people and friends it so cute and amazing stuff. I cant wait to have more money to commission again. Keep up good work Melde”

Nico the Wolf 3/27/2020

Working with you was a really fun and easy experience with no pressure at all! And your work is absolutely beautiful, my commission came out better than I could’ve ever imagined!”

Micaius 2/13/2020

I did my first ref sheet with her and we just finished. This was my first ever commission and was very excited. Despite being very busy this time of year, she was quick and very easy to work with. And she always made sure I was happy before moving on.”

M’Kal 9/20/2019

2019 Reviews

Being at my first furry convention i could not be happier with how my first badge turned out! Melde was very nice and understanding about the design of my reference. i cannot wait to commission her again!!”

Creed 12/12/2019

Trello made it easy for me to keep track of my commission’s process, and when Melde started wrapping it up she and I traded emails back and forth as she finalized the work.
Looking forward to commissioning her again!”

Walt46 10/2/2019

Dragonmelde was awesome to work with! The commission was done quickly and wonderfully even in the middle of a con! Will definitely be looking for more commissions in the future – thanks Dragonmelde!”

Rimi 9/11/2019

“I strongly reccomend commissioning from her! I commissioned a badge from her at ac this year. she was super polite and was extremely good with communication as well. I haven’t received the badge yet, but dang! The quality in the photos is eye candy. Definitely reccomend commissioning her if you get the chance :>”

Jack R. 8/2/2019

Great communication and very flexible. Always asking if it is what I wanted before continuing on to make sure everything was right. loved my commission. “

Draxx 8/25/2019

Phenomenal work, super easy to communicate with, and very fast turnaround! Definitely would come back for more art!”

Bryn 4/23/2019

“Thanks again for doing this, I love how it turned out 🙂
This was my first commission too, so I really appreciate how easy you made the whole experience”

Chiropteral 5/3/2019

“The payment process was easy at the convention. Keeping in constant contact helped with knowing how my commission was going along. The turn-around was quick and I felt like I was part of the process.”

Derrick 3/14/2019

“Very easy to work with, responsive, and I love the final product! Would recommend in a heart beat.”

Aaron 2/20/2019

“The colors are fantastic and the linework is amazing! beautiful work!!!  I’ll def have to commission you again”

Moonstar 1/22/2019

“The image in your head? Melde is amazing at capturing on paper! The attention to detail, the color, the finesse? Absolutely amazing! You won’t be disappointed!”

Jonn-Lauren L. 12/1/2019

Phenomenal communication and execution of the idea!”

Daze 12/11/2019

With Me being highly indecisive and relatively new to the furry fandom, Dragonmelde couldn’t have made the commission process any easier. I ended up with a cute husky headshot within 24 hours. Will definitely work with again”

-Dylan 9/12/2019 (at-con commission)

“Melde did an amazing job. She puts her love and dedication into art and was no less than exceptional for my badge. Turn around time was quick and she got everything perfect. You will not be dissapointed [sic]!”

Dragonsprite 9/11/2019

“I commissioned a badge from her and her art work is beautiful! She listens to what you want and really brings the art to life. She is super nice and really friendly, very welcoming when you approach her. I definitely recommend commissioning her!”

Latasha H. 9/3/2019

I love my new badge! It’s perfect. You will get great art from this lady! I’m definitely commissioning again!”

Stacie L 8/13/2019

“You did such a great job with her, it makes me happy every time I see this <3”

Poly 7/10/2019

“Absolutely loved the artwork! Speed and quality impressed me endlessly and great communication. Would recommend and come back for more!”

Bullseye 3/19/2020

“I highly recommend Dragonmelde! She was super nice and friendly at Anthro Crossroads East 2019, part of the reason why I asked her for a commission. And Just saw what the finished product looks like today! Totally worth every penny, and was exactly what I was hoping for! I love it and can not wait to see it in person when it arrives!”

Chris B. 3/14/2019

“Amazing and perfect, that’s exactly how I pictured it in my head. Thank you so much; when I get more ideas you’ll definitely hear more from me” 

Eric 2/15/2019